About Us

The Big Bad Kangaroo Team

Richard is a disruptive ideas specialist with a talent for connecting marketing concepts in new and innovative ways. "Think Big Picture, and the World is Your Oyster!"  Richard has an MBA from Clemson University and an Engineering degree from Concordia University.

Joanne is a business consultant with years of experience in managing complex projects. "If it Isn't Fun, it Isn't Marketing!" Joanne has an MBA from Clemson University and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from York University.

Their Motivation

They created this bootcamp because there is a huge gap in traditional digital marketing with so many companies struggling with how to get attention, create buzz and develop engaging content for their brands. Their aim was to create a disruptive system for industrious and aggressive brands to use.

If you have any questions about their book or their 3-hour Bootcamps, call them at: (604) 282-3425 or email them at info@bigbadkangaroo.com