"Give your brand some damn teeth" - some random guy

About Us

Richard and Joanne - Vancouver Seawall, 2020

Richard is a disruptive ideas specialist with a unique talent for connecting concepts in new and innovative ways. His expertise is in marketing to millennials, creating virality and leveraging disruptive business models. He built this bootcamp from the ground up because he recognized that what usually works in marketing are ambitious, non-traditional, and disruptive campaigns. He designed this system to provide insight into what the most successful companies are doing around the world to get attention, create buzz, and develop engaging content. Richard has an MBA from Clemson and a Bachelors of Engineering from Concordia.

Joanne is a skilled business consultant with years of experience in Project Management and Marketing. She has the unique ability to organize hundreds of deliverables at a time and to deliver complex projects on time and on budget. She has an MBA from Clemson University and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. She co-created this bootcamp to bridge a gap in traditional digital marketing where so many companies struggle to gain attention for their brands. She found that most digital marketing agencies largely focus on where to advertise while neglecting what and how to advertise.