Our Killer Bootcamp Book
Our Killer Bootcamp Book
Our Killer Bootcamp Book
Our Killer Bootcamp Book
Our Killer Bootcamp Book
Our Killer Bootcamp Book
Our Killer Bootcamp Book
Our Killer Bootcamp Book
Our Killer Bootcamp Book
Our Killer Bootcamp Book

Our Killer Bootcamp Book

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It’s the new DIY Marketing Consulting Bible

It’s concise, summarizes complex theory, and gives powerful recommendations and examples in an engaging full color masterpiece. 

Digital Marketing Needs a Boost 
Despite spending thousands of dollars on marketing, most businesses are struggling to attract, engage and retain customers. The problem is unconstrained competition, high costs, and little return on investment. To get ahead of the competitive clutter, you need an X factor and that’s what this bootcamp is about. It doesn’t replace digital marketing, it’s the thing that makes digital marketing work better!

Despite fierce competition, some companies are killing it!
Despite the fierce competitive marketplace in almost every segment, certain companies are thriving. The question is what are they doing right that everyone else is missing. The answer is hidden in plain sight. This bootcamp is about what those successful companies are doing.
We Found the Pot of Gold
We spent 18 months researching and decoding what some of the most successful companies in Silicon Valley and around the world are doing to beat out their competition. The Marketing Disruption Bootcamp book provides you with a comprehensive system for implementing 21 killer marketing strategies, to help you beat the competition in the mobile, social media era. The key is that the bootcamp teaches you what to advertise not just where.

 The 21 killer marketing strategies are broken into 3 parts:

  • 7 Attention strategies to command attention in a competitive market place
  • 7 Buzz strategies to encourage people to spread your brand’s message organically
  • 7 Content strategies to engage your target market on a deeper level
Who this book is for?

This book is meant for business people (entrepreneurs, business owners, start-ups and digital marketers) who want to learn more about how to enhance their digital marketing campaigns. 

DIY Marketing Consulting
Option 1: Go out and hire a marketing consultant to come up with a bunch of creative campaigns to beat out your competition. Not a digital marketing person, but a conceptual strategy individual who can advise you on what to advertise, not just where. You will likely spend thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars for this type of advice. 

Option 2: Buy the Bootcamp book. It's got 150 recommendations on how you can get attention, create buzz, and develop engaging content, all by yourself. Even if you want to hire a marketing consultant, this bootcamp is still invaluable. If you read it, you will probably know more and have more creative ideas than most marketing consultants.

You choose, thousands of dollars or an incredible Bootcamp packed full of psychological strategies to help you beat out your competition.

Product Details
Title: Marketing Disruption Bootcamp 
Paperback: 316 pages in color
Publisher: Big Bad Kangaroo Inc., 2020
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1999146009
Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 9.5 x 0.7 inches